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  • Windpower Farms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Wire and cable
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Golf course development
  • Drain tiles and pipes
  • Sewer and septic systems
  • Government projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Power companies
  • Underground utilities
  • Compacted backfill needs

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? VideoWe are the distributor and the manufacturer of the entire Trench Grader product line. We design and build from start to finish the highest quality soil compaction equipment available in the industry.

No one knows our equipment better than us. Given our years of experience in meeting the customization needs of clients in various industries, it would be hard to find another company that knows the soil compaction equipment industry better than us.
So remember these key points when considering us for your next project.
  • We are the leader in manufacturing equipment for any compaction needs.
  • We are a 3rd-generation family-owned and operated business.
  • We manufacture and distribute each machine in our local community.
  • We employ only the best qualified, highly trained craftsmen.
  • We are a drug-free workplace with a strong commitment to safety.
  • We use the highest industrial grade products and technology available.
  • We utilize the latest technology to deliver precision end-user products.
  • Our customer service is 1st-rate which generates repeat business for us.
  • Our highly trained sales and service team is available to answer any questions you might have before or after your purchase.

At Trench Grader, every customer receives the utmost buying experience and quality on-site service given we want our customers to be happily satisfied. Contact us today at 888.697.2225 to get a free quote or speak to one of our compaction equipment experts about your particular project needs.

Manufacturing Photos

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Trench Grader Compactor InventoryTrench Grader Compactor PaintedTrench Grader Forklift OperatorTrench Grader MachiningTrench Grader Machinist Cutting SteelTrench Grader Machinist DrillingTrench Grader Machinist MonitoringTrench Grader Machinist Moving SteelTrench Grader Machinist SandingTrench Grader SignageTrench Grader Steel BoltsTrench Grader Steel PartsTrench Grader Steel SawTrench Grader Welder WeldingTrench Grader Wheel GramesTrench Grader Positioning GradersTrench Grader Milling Plate SteelTrench Grader Welder At Work

  • Trench Grader MP24
  • Trench Grader SP36
  • Trench Grader SP42
  • Trench Grader T84
  • Trench Grader SA30/48/72