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Bobcat Soil Compaction Attachments

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Soil compactors, often referred to as "trench graders", are technically recognized within the industry as hydraulic vibratory soil compactors. Using American craftsmanship and quality materials, Trench Grader has been established as the manufacturer and distributor of the best bobcat trench compactor attachments in the industry.

We have a wide array of vibratory soil compaction trencher attachments that easily attach to any bobcat loader. Trench Grader bobcat attachment models include the SP36, SP42 and SP48. This product line was designed to meet your current and future compaction needs for trenches ranging from 4” to 24” wide and up to 48” deep depending on the model being used.

Our soil compactors will reach or exceed your required compaction levels in less time and at a lower cost. That’s the Trench Grader difference!

With a Trench Grader on the job you’ll enjoy:

  • Less Required Labor
  • Time Savings
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Increased Soil Compaction
  • Ease of Operation

Find out more for yourself. Use the form on this page or call us at (870) 587-6611 to get a free quote or speak to one of our bobcat compaction attachment equipment experts today!

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