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  • Windpower Farms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Wire and cable
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Golf course development
  • Drain tiles and pipes
  • Sewer and septic systems
  • Government projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Power companies
  • Underground utilities
  • Compacted backfill needs

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Trench Grader Founder M.A. WallaceTrenchGrader Inc. is a 3rd-generation family-owned and operated U.S.-based company founded by the Marvin A. Wallace family in their local community of Fair Oaks, Arkansas. The three generations of family members consist of "M.A." (Marvin A.) Wallace (grandfather and founder of Trench Grader, Inc.) Stanley Wallace (son), and Ben Wallace (grandson). Together the family represents over 85 years of successful experience in the industrial equipment business.

Internationally recognized as the compaction equipment experts, Trench Grader proudly manufactures and distributes each compactor from its home office in Fair Oaks, Arkansas. When it comes to compaction, no one knows compaction equipment nor understands the soil compaction industry better than the Wallace family. M.A. and his family, given their years of experience in building Trench Grader equipment, routinely meet the customization needs of their client-base.

Soil compactors, often referred to as "trench graders", are technically recognized within the industry as hydraulic vibratory soil compactors. The idea for the first trench grader soil compaction unit occurred to M.A. Wallace during a trade show he was attending in Amarillo, Texas. A local farmer there suggested to M.A. that his farm could benefit from a trench filler for center pivot tracks. After thinking about it and returning home from the trade show, M.A. teamed up with his lead welder to build the first vibrating trench compactor, which is still in use today.

The Trench Grader team is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products possible using the best available materials and technology. Comprehensive sales, support and on-site delivery services, along with the most competitive pricing in the industry, is what makes Trench Grader the nation's leader in the soil compaction equipment industry. 

  • Trench Grader MP24
  • Trench Grader SP36
  • Trench Grader SP42
  • Trench Grader T84
  • Trench Grader SA30/48/72