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  • Windpower Farms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Wire and cable
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Golf course development
  • Drain tiles and pipes
  • Sewer and septic systems
  • Government projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Power companies
  • Underground utilities
  • Compacted backfill needs

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About Us

The Trench Grader TeamTrench Grader, Inc. is a U.S.-based company and industry leader in producing vibratory hydraulic soil compaction equipment for a variety of soil compaction applications. We are recognized internationally as the soil compaction equipment experts. Whether your project requires heavy or dense compaction, we have several models available to meet your needs.

Trench Grader Forklift DriverAs a 3rd-generation family-owned and operated business, Trench Grader manufactures and distributes its soil compaction equipment from its home office in Fair Oaks, Arkansas. The equipment is designed and built in-house to exact specifications using highly trained and skilled craftsmen, quality industrial materials and precision design and manufacturing techniques. This hard work results in the best hydraulic vibratory soil compaction attachments available anywhere.

Trench Grader's soil compaction equipment is ideal for a large range of uses including windmill farms, airports, military bases, golf courses, water and sewer lines, cable and electrical lines, drain tiles and pipes, irrigation systems, sewer and septic systems, and power and utility companies. Basically, Trench Grader equipment can be used anywhere that effective soil compaction results are needed to meet project standards and specifications.

Please visit our Why Choose Us? section to learn why Trench Grader products are the right solution for your project. To learn more about us as a company, visit our Background section.

Visit our Product Line section to view videos, photos, product specifications about our various types of vibratory hydraulic soil compaction equipment.

  • Trench Grader MP24
  • Trench Grader SP36
  • Trench Grader SP42
  • Trench Grader T84
  • Trench Grader SA30/48/72