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  • Windpower Farms
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Wire and cable
  • Gas lines
  • Water lines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Golf course development
  • Drain tiles and pipes
  • Sewer and septic systems
  • Government projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Power companies
  • Underground utilities
  • Compacted backfill needs

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Power Partners Video"You know it's saving us a bunch of money. We were glad to get our hands on it and I'm sure we'll be buying many more of them in the future because it pays for itself very quickly." — Power Partners

Wolverine Roustabout Service Video"The best part about the Trench Grader is you can do the same job better with fewer men and less equipment. If we don’t use a Trench Grader, he won’t pay us for the work. It does beautiful work and that’s what I like to do myself. It makes me look good." — Wolverine Roustabout Services, Inc.

  • Trench Grader MP24
  • Trench Grader SP36
  • Trench Grader SP42
  • Trench Grader T84
  • Trench Grader SA30/48/72