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SP48 - Skid Steer Vibratory Compaction Wheel

Model Number: 
Specification Summary: 
Wheel Availability 6" x 48" through
24" x 48"
Weight 1650 lbs
Vibrations per Minute 2600 rpm
Vibratory Force 10000 lbs
Min. Horsepower 70 hp
Gallons per Minute 7 to 40
Depth in Trench 42"

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Compaction wheels are ideal for windmill projects, golf course construction, water and cable lines, government projects, or anywhere compaction is needed. The SP48 is a hydraulic vibratory compaction wheel with a 48-inch diameter wheel. It is capable of compacting trenches up to 30 inches in width and will go down into the trench 42 inches deep. The unit attaches easily to any skid steer, and its split-ring design makes it easy to install the bolt-on extensions.